Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New addition...to the kitchie!

Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe we are almost at the end of June already? Yikes! The summer months always fly by way too quickly. Well, as I said yesterday, it's Ryan's birthday today:) This is a big year for my man as he is finally working in a field that he loves. He is not a big fan of change and so he is completely out of his comfort zone right now working for his new company. Yet, every day he is learning something new and loving it...change is good!! So, to my best friend, my love, my partner in life..HAPPY BIRTHDAY RY!! We are going out for Indian food tonight..wahoo! I'll be sure to take picts this time!

See me in his sunglasses? Te he Erica was so creative:)

It's not even funny how much he suits the 80's! I'll post my outfit another time..haha!

I've sure been getting my greens on lately and why the heck not? Greens are abundant this time of year and they taste so amazing. For the past week I've been having smoothies for lunch and I feel amazing! I read somewhere that to drink 2 quarts (basically 2 liters) of green drinks a day is the ultimate goal. So, I'm trying it and I can see why they recommend it! You should try it too! Here's my smoothie I just finished slurping....

This monster had 1 mango, 1 banana, 2 large kale leaves, handful of collard greens, 1 tablespoon chia seeds

Oh ya baby!! This smoothie was so bright and delish. This was slurped up super fast. I forgot to pack my Vega powder so this one was a little on the lighter side.

And now I have another way to get my greens on! I got a juicer..wahoo! Well, my mom and I bought this juicer years ago and just never uses it so I inherited it. It's not the top of the line but she does the job:)

No, this isn't the whole thing..lol! I just snapped this picture right after I cleaned up and so the bottom part was already put away!

I was really happy to have the Juice Daddy handy!! He knows his stuff and I knew I would find the right juice for me!

I went with this concoction! I knew my body would appreciate this juice!

The goods!

Aren't these beets cute?

Mmm...I really loved this juice. It was perfectly sweet and the flavors were perfectly complimented. This gave me a ton of energy for the night. I was just cruising getting things put away and doing laundry!
Anyways, I better be on my way! Work is done and its time for a workout:) Have a wonderful evening!
PS Aletheia is having a great sprouted bread giveaway on her blog. Go check it out!


bitt of raw said...

Happy Birthday Ry!

I always try to get 2 quarts in a day but somehow fall short...but also I am always running out of kale too! Collards in a smoothie, brave girl!

Juiceman I have heard is pretty good. Just drink it right away if not a masticating (auger-type) juicer.

kelli said...

what an adorable photo of you and ry! happy birthday to your love bug!=)

i love collard in my smoothies - almost as much as kale. wednesday my organic csa starts and i will have TONS of greens. can't wait!

i've heard the jack lalane juicer wasn't bad. people sell them on craigslist left and right. i'm thinking of getting one. i've gone too long without a juicer!=)

kelli said...

oh yeah, wednesday is tomorrow! hehe

aletheia said...

I have the exact same juicer!! Ahahaha. You're right about it not being top of the line, but she gets the job done!

YAY for After-work WORKOUT TIME!!!

XO Aletheia

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

enjoy that juicer girl! I know you will! I do not enjoy juicer cleanup at all so i never do it anymore but need to!

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday to your guy, Ryan! Love the 80's rockin' style, so awesome :)

I love the energy I get from green smoothies and juices aswell. I keep telling my family that they don't need to drink coffee..all they need is green smoothie or juice. You inspired me to get in my 2 litres tomorrow...I also sometimes fall short of they goal.

Cosmic said...

Wow! Happy Birthday, Ryan(we share a birthday with Meryl Streep and Cyndi Lauper too:)

Best wishes to you both from a fellow eternal naturalist / holistic health enthusiast / animal-lover / yogini and green juice promoter in England!


Cosmic said...

Oops! Happy Belated birthday, Ryan if your birthday(Like us:0) was yesterday(22nd June:)!


Melissa said...

Hey Aimee - I love running out of greens..that means I get to go to my favorite grocery store and buy more..he he. You know what I'm talking about, right?
I don't mind collards in the smoothie and I think that kale has a "stronger" taste to me. That could be just me though:)
Ya, the juicer does the job it's just not a champion or hurom juicer that everyone is raving about these days! I will for sure chug it down right away..thanks for the tip!

Hey Kelli - te he..love the "love bug"!! Oohh yum CSA goodies!! enjoy! You should get the juicer it does the job and if you aren't looking for anything fancy...this is the juicer for you. I find the clean up isn't bad at all if you do it right after chugging the juice:)
te he I'm so confused for days too:)

Hey Aletheia - YAY for Jack Lalane!! Love it! As for the workout I was on my rebounder and did ab exercises after every couple of minutes..good stuff!!

Hey Averie - I am loving the juicer! The clean-up isn't bad at all if you do it right away. If you are in a hurry and have to run right after you chug the juice then ya, the caked on mess would not be fun to clean!

Hi Maggie - Go 80's LOL!!!
I too love all the energy from the green drinks..ahh! I'm addicted to them and all the amazing combinations there are to be had! Ya, ditch the coffee and grab the blender:) I'm so glad that I inspired you to get 2 liters of greens..wahoo!!

Hi Cosmic - Happy birthday to you too!! I love those other ladies too..what a powerful birhtday day! Thank you for the best wishes! You rock it girl..I love what you are about (and I love England too, gorgeous place!!)

evergreen said...

Congratulations on your new addition! Awww...love the first pic.

That book with over 100 recipes should keep you juicing for a while! I love the instant energy from fresh juice, too:)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ry! (Or belated birthday...oops...hope you guys had fun!) That is such a beautiful pic of the two of you.

Loved reading your last post about running on that pretty trail and running up the mountain...I'm living vicariously through you! I would love to be in BC and taking advantage of being active outdoors. Everything looks so beautiful!

I wish I had a juicer. And a dehydrator. There are so many expensive contraptions that I would love to have but can't afford. I'm making do though!
Your juices and green drinks look awesome...I love greens in every form. I would love to start drinking veggie juice throughout the day because I know it would be easier on my poor digestive tract, and I could buy it from Fresh for 7 dollars per 8 oz, but if I'm going to do that every day, it would be so expensive I might as well just save up for a juicer right? haha sorry for my juice rant. I'm just very envious. Enjoy your juice!

Can't wait to read about your birthday night with Ry! Have a wonderful night love.