Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend in Review

Happy Monday!

How was your Earth weekend? Mine was jam-packed with some great local art, good deeds, and good eats!

We started Friday off with a trip to the local college as the independent film students were having their year-end show. We would have never known about it except during one of our latest trips to Oso we saw our old neighbor (we lived in a duplex in Nelson before we moved to our current apartment). Her and her husband were actually in the film program together and they had a short film that was going to be shown that night. They came all the way from Vermont too which I thought was so cool! We usually just watch a movie on weekends but it felt good to do something different and support the local students. The show was by donation and all the monies went to a scholarship fund. I have to say before Ry came to attend his Fine Woodworking program at Selkirk, I really didn't appreciate art. I always wondered why that canvas painting of a bird was $1ooo. Sometimes I still don't get it, but I appreciate it because I have a little more understanding as to the effort and the hard work that goes into a piece.

So, we watched around 10 short films and they were fantastic. There were dramadies, noires, documentaries, and comedies. I was amazed at what they produced in a year. It just shows you that AMAZING things can be done when you put your mind (and camera) to it! Oh and no movie is quite the same without a treatsie or two! The hubby was kind enough to pick up some medjool dates (AKA heaven!) for me. He picked up some chocolate covered almonds for himself.
I'm not going to lie..we also shared a small baggie of organic smarties (gotta love Nelson!) that they were selling at the school. But, speaking of putting your mind to it...

This whole week I had this thought tugging at me. I wanted to do something around Nelson to help Mother Nature out a little bit. So, I decided that I would go to an area that had a lot of garbage and I would pick it up. I remembered walking by this one street and was pretty disgusted by all the trash... so this was my target! I got up a little after 6AM and got organized. I still had one rubber glove left from work so that worked out perfectly! I headed out with my tunes and my garbage and recycling bag. I hit up my target street and to my happy surprise it was all cleaned up! No garbage anywhere:) So, as I was still determined to help the earth that morning I walked around to see if there was another area that needed some attention. I decided to go next to the rail-road tracks and oh golly was there trash...trash that was really, really, old.

This is what an old plastic shopping bag looks like after awhile on the ground. I tried to pick it up and chunks of it "flaked off" onto the ground. This is detrimental. Please do not throw away your plastic bags and better yet, don't use them.

How long do you think that can has been leeching into the ground?

What's that hiding in the grass? Yep, I found one shoe. Wonder how that person liked walking lop-sided? I hope this wasn't a part of some criminal know throwing away the evidence? Okay, so probably unlikely. I've been watching way to much of The Wire lately, please forgive me lol!

I think this was a baking pan of some sort. Crazy hey?

Here's my sleepy self. And no I didn't just have a shower it poured on my when I was out there:) Check out that white garbage bag..its in a million different pieces. Who knows what those things leech into the ground.

I got a good sized bag of junk. I thought I would be able to chuck it into a garbage bin nearby but they were all I took it back to the pad with me! It really felt good to take that garbage out of the felt like a cleansing to me on so many levels. What do you give your time to that is good for the planet and your heart and soul?

After my little adventure I went home and did a little studying (It was around 7:30 at this point and the hubby was still sleeping) of The Language of Medicine.

This book is huge but it's fantastic! It's organized so you get a lot of practice with the terminology and anatomy. It's been a great review so far!

After the hubby got up we went to the gym and I got my booty whooped by my Turbulance Training workout. If you have ever done tabatha sprints (perform an exercise for 20 seconds on, followed by 10 seconds rest X 8 rounds) you know they are KILLER. It's funny how these exercises make me more out of breath than doing intervals on the treadmill. I left the gym sweaty and beat...I like this feeling as I know I've worked it:)

After the gym we hit up the Kootenay School of the Arts as they were having a show on year-end projects from classes like textiles, fabrics, pottery, jewelery making and metal. Again, some fantastic pieces were on display, some amazing talent out there!

This dress was so funky! I don't know what it's made out of, but the design is so cool! I know someone else who saw some amazing fashion this weekend too:)

Pottery amazes me! I would love to take a class one day. I thought this mug was stunning and nothing like I had ever seen before.

This piece makes me think of Alice In Wonderland. Imagine bringing this out when you have afternoon tea..definitely a conversation piece if you ask me!

Love those tea pots! I don't see an exact similarity to these tea pots and the clay beauty but there is some influence I think:) At least that's my! Am I getting artsy yet? There were hundreds of other pottery pieces and beautiful jewellery and went on and on. I really loved seeing all the handmade stuff as they were so unique.

After the show we headed out to do our weekly shopping and once we got home I was pretty tired. I haven't taken a nap during the day for a long time..but I slowly drifted off and it felt good:) After the nap we headed out for an appreciation dinner for SPCA volunteers. There was fantastic food! Everything from veggie sushi to potstickers to hummus, and even chocolate-dipped strawberries (sorry no picts this time:( It was a delicious night and there were lots of good stories too! It also made me feel like I made a small difference to the world. Then on Sunday I worked and hung out at the pad where I took another Getting up at 5:30 everyday took a toll on me I guess. All in all a very fulfilling weekend!

I mentioned last week that I might take part in Meghan's 3 Day smoothie cleanse..well I just couldn't do it. I was already over my budget and to buy so much more produce was going to cost too much. I want to do a smoothie cleanse soon...once all the markets are open again and I have access to better,local, and cheaper goods.

Also, I have not finished my adapatogens series yet. Shame on me, I know! I'm going to get to it this week and finish it off with a BANG! So, stay tuned.

PS DK Mommy is having a giveaway of the Clean Food cookbook. So go check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa!

Thank you for leaving me such a meaningful comment on my blog! I am sincerely impressed by all the you are involved with, and totally proud to cheer you on, as a fellow Canuck. :)

From what I can glean, you're interested in ND school? That's awesome! Are you thinking Boucher?? :)

Lots of love - P.S. I love the vegan sausages from last post! it's genius!


Lauren said...

Its looks like you've had a busy weekend! But definitely fun..It was so kindhearted and earth friendly of you to go pick up all that garbage. You put most people to shame! Such a great way to bring meaning to earth day.

I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland! Its so weird and crazy but I just think its amazing. The teapot reminds me of it too..

I can't believe you're also an SPCA volunteer-thats amazing! I applied to be a volunteer for the toronto humane society, but they never contacted me. then they had some kind of scandal and now they have to close down for six weeks in order to "properly train their staff". I think some of them were neglecting the animals. I felt so badly about the whole thing.

I also wanted to do the smoothie cleanse but couldn't...I realized that it is very difficult for me to buy all the things required for recipes and then actually attempt to make them in my tiny little kitchenette with a curious cat jumping up on the counter every second. Its much easier for me to keep things simple. Still want to try though!
Sorry for this book of a comment. I'm happy you had such a good weekend xoxox

shannonmarie said...

I used to participate in an annual clean up project in my area (I think I missed it this year, although I could just go out and pick stuff up anyway). It is amazing how much trash people toss onto the side of the road.

Love the dress in the post. I had wanted to be a fashion designer growing up.

I referenced Alice in Wonderland today. I used an unbirthday link in my post.

Melissa said...

Hey Aletheia- You are so welcome for the comment love! Thank you for your sweet words and high five to a fellow Canuck..woot woot!
I am interested in Boucher and will be applying in August..ahh..soo excited!

Melissa said...

Hey Shannonmarie! - It's crazy how much trash was there...I noticed that so much of it wasn't visible with the eye which shocked me the most. That dress was simply amazing...I hope she makes it in fabric soon! Glad your fashionist eye gave it approval:)

Nelly said...

hmmm, i should have totally got involved and helped pick up trash on earth day...but i always pick up trash, so that counts right???

cute dress...haha, i didn't even realize you linked to me...thanks lady love!!!

have a beautiful day!!!


bitt of raw said...

good for you for getting so hands on with earth day/week/month. it's hard to believe people still litter like that. warms my heart that you did that.

i love pottery and used to do tons of it before my back problems. i've made several teapots. i should post some pictures on my blog.

shannonmarie said...

Ooh! I have a fashionistic eye ;-)

Melissa said...

Hey Nelly - that totally counts..and good on ya! Your welcome for the link love..and yes, the dress is interpretational...for the lack of another!

Hey Bitt - Thank you for your sweet comments about my good deed:) Yes, its crazy people still don't get it! That's so cool you made pottery..please do share some of your teapots..I would love to see!

kelli said...

what a nice thing to do melissa!

Melissa said...

Hey Kelli - Thank you my dear:)