Friday, April 16, 2010

Running picts and Egg-less salad

Happy Friday!

Welcome to the weekend my friends. I thought I would keep it light for Friday as I've been schooling you a lot this! It's an absolutely gorgeous day here in Nelson and I'm going to go for run #2 today. Today is my "off" day for the gym yet I still want to get in some form of physical exercise, and with today's weather you don't have to pull my rubber arm! I had a little bit of knee pain while running on Wednesday but nothing crazy. The next day I didn't have any pain in my knees which is awesome and I think that they really have gotten stronger since my PRP procedure. Two thumbs up from me:) Anywho, I wanted to share with some pictures of the path where I ran and the beautiful lake. Can you believe this was my first time down there and I've been living here 8 months? I seriously need to do more exploring before I'm outta here.

This is the orange bridge that Nelson in famous for. Pretty gorgeous hey? The mountains are so in your face here that when I went back home to the coast, I asked where are the mountains. We have gorgeous mountains at the coast..they just don't stare right back at you from my town.

Another gorgeous view of Kootenay Lake. This lake winds forever and there are little beaches all along it that you can camp at. Too bad I'm not here for the summer:(

See the kite? Ya, it was a bit windy so this guy was having a ball dipping his kite down and flying it high! The bottom left is a happy face that was drawn in the sand by a group of hippies:) If you know Nelson at all, you know we are the capital of the hippies..and other things that I'm not going to mention lol! It was fun running past the smiley face was a small form of encouragment for me.

They have all these "gym" machines set up so you can do a little working out in the park. Some of them are even partner operated. I've never seen such a thing in a park and I thought it was pretty cool:)

I love this picture. I think when we go back home I'm going to frame it and put it on the wall as a reminder of this part of our life...ahh!

Okay so I've been eating a lot of salads lately and I have been satisfied with that. I'm thinking that this has a lot to do with the weather and I"m not really craving "warming" foods as much.

Like this Thai salad...ooh so good!

Yet, I have two big bags of kidney beans and chickpeas and I want to use them up so I don't have to haul them when we move! So, I decided to go with an eggless salad recipe that I found on VeganDad and I subsituted the tofu for chickpeas. I made this for the hubby because we only had mayo in the fridge. Again it needs to be used up so I opted to have a delish salad with some miso dressing...I'm officially obsessed with this dressing! But you should try it with some veganaise as I know its delish. Kelly had a food fight with two similar recipes:)

Yummeey with all the celery and pickles in there!

PS get what has been sprouting in my house??.....

One of the varities of kale was the first of my seedlings to make its presence...YAY! I've got a lot more know and I'll be sure to show you my "babies" as they continue growing. How are your gardens and seeds coming along?

I'm off to go for my run! Have a fab Friday and I'll be stopping by again soon:)


shannonmarie said...

What a gorgeous running path! That makes me want to put on a pair of running shoes.

You're version of that eggless salad reminds me of one from my Peta celebrity cookbook. I think Belinda Carlisle had a similar recipe in it. I remember it being good.

bitt of raw said...

Aw little kale sprout. I get super excited about sprouts too.

Thanks for showing us your town. Looks gorgeous. Hippies, mountains, sand? I'd fit right in.

Funny I never liked egg salad nor vegan versions but I like raw versions.

Thanks for all your nice comments this week. Happy Friday and have a good weekend.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for all the AMAZING comments youve been leaving on my girl, you got totally caught up and I am so thankful!

Anyway the pics of the bridge, these nature pics, your running path, so lovely! I love seeing glimpses into ppl's lives. I mean food is nice, but I also love seeing the things that make up the rest of our lives :)

Have a super weekend!

Lauren said...

I am moving to Nelson! Right now!
Okay, I wish I were moving to Nelson...its gorgeous! The pictures...I can't believe it. I'm speechless.
Its such a beautiful place for running too, with so much to look at you probably whiz right through it.
I'm happy the knee is doing well!
Both your thai salad and eggless salad look so good. I bookmarked a recipe for an eggless egg salad and never got around to making it, I think it called for vegenaise but I don't have any and I've never tried it so I was iffy about buying it. Do you use it?
I'm excited to see more of your babies! Fresh veggies from the garden sounds so appealing to me, it is definitely a goal of mine to plant my own seeds one day. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Nelly said...

oh i so want to live there...i wish my man would just wake up and smell the fact that toronto is just boring!!! there's nothing beautiful about it...i guess i'm not a city girl!!! meh!

you make me want to sprout and garden, which is a good thing...

do you have the recipe for the miso dressing? sounds yummy. i love miso...and i just bought a new brown rice miso today which i would love to use!!!


hope you had a beautiful weekend...and that chickpea salad looks to die for...i love anything with pickles...yummers!

p.s. jackson is a hungarian vizsla...

Melissa said...

Hey Shannonmarie- Thanks for your comment on my running path:) It's so pretty! The hubby didn't complain so he must have enjoyed the eggless salad!

Hey Bitt - Love my kale sprout...which is quickly becoming a grown plant:) Ya, Nelson is pretty sweet and all about the! OOoohh I have to try the raw version of eggless salad..yum! Your welcome for all the comments:)

Hey Averie - Glad you liked the picts of my town:) And your very welcome for all the comments!

Hey Lauren - You would love Nelson..its a whole new world really. You should try the eggless salads..they are pretty delish. My veggie babies are growing like mad...its pretty fun:)

Hey Nelly - I hope you get your wish soon! I'm sure you both would love it here. I love pickles too..I think that's half the appeal of those salads he he! For the miso dressing I mix in equal parts miso with tahini in a food processor. Then I add one glove of garlic and a 1/2 inch piece of ginger. I add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Then some black pepper. So addicting! What a neat breed your pooch gorgeous!

shannonmarie said...

I wish my hubby enjoyed eggless salad. We have totally different tastes in foods.

Nelly said...

thanks melissa! pretty excited about the salad dressing recipe! i bought a new miso the other day and can't wait to use it!!!

i couldn't help laughing at shannonmarie's comment above...although my boyfriend and i have different taste in food, and he keeps asking me to post a picture of his steak on my blog...nutbar, he definitely loves eggless salads...

kelli said...

yay for sprouts! i'm sure your plants will handle the move nicely.

i noticed on your profile you have 'the gods must be crazy' as one of your faves. love that movie! i just saw part 2, and it was just as good as the first! have you seen it?

thanks for the linkage=). your salad looks soooo yummy. you can't go wrong with chickpeas!

Melissa said...

Shannonmarie - I hope that your hubby loves your cupcakes...that's a good start:)

Hey Nelly - I hope you love the salad dressing..its quite a staple recipe in our house. HAHA that would be a good April Fools to put your boyfriend's meals on your blog.Glad he likes eggless salads though:)

Hey Kelli - Hope your sprouts are doing well. It's funny that I'm moving my veggie babies 8! Okay The Gods Must Be Crazy is the best and yep I've seen #2 too. I seriously have out-of-control laughter during the whole movie..and I've watched both so many times and its still the!