Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend adventures + 30 days of positive posting

Happy Tuesday!

 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I returned to find quite the storm brewing around the blogosphere due to a certain Marie Claire article. All I'm going to say is the author seemed to have taken them for a ride BUT it has brought up some tough topics that may need to be addressed. If you want to read a great response that I stand behind, check out the post from Laury of The Fitness Dish.

Moving on, I thought I would share with you some tid-bits about my weekend.

It started off with the fun task of racking all the leaves in my backyard. I say "fun" because I actually like doing it! I love walking through the leaves in the fall and hearing that crunch ...ahh Fall you actually do make me happy:)

About half of these leaves are from my neighbor's tree that hangs over the fence..oh well..all the more for the compost:) Ps my grass is finally green! We had severe watering restrictions in the summer and so it was looking pretty dead but with all the rain we have been getting, it's back to life!

Crunch, crunch, crunch!! My compost is full and my little over-flow area is full and the trees aren't even half bare! I'll be getting my exercise that's for sure:)
On Saturday I headed out to my mom's place to pick up Junior:) He is so small and sweet and fun!

My mom pampered him well and there were toys all over the place for him:) He also just got a clean bill of health from the vet so I'm happy about that!!

After all the cuddling and playing, I reluctantly left him to play on him own and we headed out to my my happy place - Covert Farms.  If you want to see my adventures the other weekend check out this post. This time I had one mission- pack the car full of butternut squash!

This, my friends, is the squash patch in all it's glory! There were a bunch of different varieties growing here but a lot of it was butternut:)
Come to momma!!! LOL

I think I succeeded in my mission, hey? I'm not sure what those green squash are but I'm just excited to be stocked up for winter:) Yes, that is a cantaloupe! They still had a million of them and watermelons..it was hard to walk away:(

This creepy looking thing is a purple tomatillo!! I love the "veins" on it's shell.

tomatillo rows! These things just grow and grow! Funny thing is, my aunts didn't know what this plant was so last year they ripped it out of the ground. This year they left them in so I'm planning on raiding that soon:)
PS they still had strawberries and we picked some more...YUM! Strawberries in October..who knew!!

On Sunday right before my mom and I hit the road, we were able to meet up at my cousin's wife's baby shower. I hadn't seen baby Addison yet so that was really fun. She is so adorable!

Thankfully, it was a beautiful day and the drive was warm and sunny! Yet, it wasn't only humans who were enjoying the good weather. We saw this guy going for a stroll...

I actually turned around on the highway to go back to a side road where I knew I could get a better view. Don't worry it was safe:) I loved seeing this guy just going about his business! I never see wildlife so that was pretty cool.

The scenery is always breathtaking no matter how many times I travel that highway!

Junior was really good too! Only a few cries at the beginning then he slept...purr-fect!

We got home safe and sound which is always a blessing. I was anxious to get home to see how Nemo was going to react to his new brother. Well, it wasn't the warm welcome I was hoping for but with time I'm sure Nemo will get off his high horse LOL! Junior has taken quite well to his new surroundings and runs around and plays so that's good. On the first night he even slept under the covers between Ry and me:)

Last night (Just pretend it was part of the weekend:) I made an amazing dish from Kathy on  Happy.Healthy.Life called Harvest Sage Red Quinoa. Spicy fennel/bean puree. I had some fennel in my fridge that had better days and with my fresh butternut squash, I knew this recipe was going to be perfect.

Butternut squash, quinoa, fennel, bean puree...MMMmm

This was super good! A great compliment to the other ingredients.

It doesn't look pretty but this green salsa is my new favorite food! I added some of this to my dish and it was awesome!

This is the recipe I followed! I added a little water to get the process going and I didn't blend it up as I like it a bit chunky.

I really like Gabrielle Bernstein and her message! She has the site Herfuture.com and her vlogs are very powerful! One of her latest vlogs talked about the power of being positive and how detrimental bullying can be as was seen in the suicide of Tyler Clementi. Cyber bullying (and negativity towards our fellow human beings) is quite rampant these days and it needs to stop. Everyone has feelings including homosexuals, straights, bisexuals, lesbians, blacks, whites, asians, hispanics and those from every other sexual orientation,race, religion, and on and on! I have my beliefs but I do not judge others who think differently. Gabrielle has asked that we post a favorite quote, a favorite youtube clip, a favorite cookie recipe, WHATEVER it is that makes you happy and allows you to radiate positivity onto others for 30 days. It has already started but it's never too late to share the love!!!  Hope you will join me:)

Have a great rest of your day! I'm off to do some rebounding while watching Glee and catch up on some much-neglected chemistry homework. Chow for now!


Katie said...

And again, I am super jealous of your haul. Strawberries?!?! Dang.

Paula said...

I didn't know you could find strawberries at this time of year! Nice one!
So where did Junior come from? I have a definite soft spot for orange tabbies, they usually turn out to be the nicest cats ever. I'm sure Nemo will be fine with him - even my Grommit accepts kittens and he HATES other adult cats. That's how we were able to sneak in 3 new kittens over the past 5 years :) Get 'em while they're young! Our newest addition was only 3 days old, in fact! Poor abandoned baby...
I agree with you about fall, by the way. I love all the leaves!!!

kelli said...

those green squash look like kabocha squash to me!

i love that quote and have posted it way back. great minds think alike!=)

Angela said...

first, i want an orange kitty.

second, thank you SO MUCH for your comment on my blog about organic farming! it's great to hear from an insider. i really want to learn more about this stuff, not just ASSUME, ya know?

third, the 30 days of positivity sounds like a great challenge! looking forward to reading more :)

Laury@The Fitness Dish said...

Thank you SO much for the link love :-) You are awesome!

Junior is the CUTEST little baby EVER! Reminds me of my moms kitty, Kiki! Adorable!

You have SUCH beautiful surroundings, all of that wholesome, good food, fresh picked...I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit jealous ;-) You are amazing in the garden...I really enjoy looking at all of your pictures!

Have a great night!!!

kris | iheartwellness.com said...

Great post love!! I love coming over here to sit, relax, read and get a little Melissa into my life!

I love this challenge and it is mind blowing when you shift. Isn't Gabrielle the best? A friend of mine is doing an interview with her next week when she heads to NYC. I am so excited!!

Ummmm how cute is Junior?? I am so glad nemo was ok with his new bro! I love it!!

Your Why I Blog post is up at www.skinnygirlfatpassion.com - It is BEAUTIFUL! Great post!


Miho said...

Hi!!! I read your guest post on Kris' new blog, and I really liked it, so I'm stopping by to say hi!!!

You take really cute pictures, and they add color to your blog! :D If you want, please come say hi to my blog!



Lori said...

(I need to watch Glee- I've heard so many good things!)

Ohhh, ok... I want your kitty!!!

Oh and those squash! What is that place? The garden of squashes?! Wow.
The Fennel bean puree sounds like Heaven all mixed together. What a great idea and what is even better is that you had the squash already. ;)

30 Days of positivity- I will try. You help me! We'll help each other. There are so many things to be positive about and for- Just have to keep reminding ourselves that fact!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Hey Katie - I shouldn't talk about them anymore LOL..it really is crazy to be wearing jeans and a hoodie and eating fresh berries:)

Hey Paula - My mom saw an ad in the paper and because we were looking for an orange guy, we decided to add him to the family. My mom took care of him for 2 weeks until I could get to Pen.
Nemo is not very impressed. He hisses and swats at him but I'm hoping over time he will be okay. 3 days old? Oh my! What a big fur-baby family you have! Teach me how to get the hubby to agree to that:)

Hey Kelly - I was hoping it was a kabocha..yay!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves quotes:)

Hey Angela - orange kitty cats are the best:) You are so welcome for the comment love! I don't know a whole lot about farming but I've read enough to know organics isn't perfect and that growing it yourself is the way to go. I'm glad I could help a little. Glad you like the positivity challenge:)

Hey Laury - Thank YOU for writing such an amazing article. I was proud to link to it:) Thank you also for the junior love..he's so sweet:)
Awe hun thanks for saying that about my picts..I'll come make a garden for you anytime!

Hey Kris - doll, you are too sweet! Let me know if I can watch/listen to that interview with Gabrielle..how cool is that..especially for your friend:)I'm so excited about the post on your site..it rocks!!!

Hey Miho - thank you for reading "why I blog" on Kris's site! That site rocks! Thank you for your picture comment..I'm honored. I love taking photos and I dream of owning a big-girl camera one of these days! I'm so looking forward to checking out your blogs. Thank you for sharing!

Hey Lori - You are missing out girl! Glee is super fun, especially when you are rebounding at the same time:) That is just one section of the farm..they grow it all! It was really hard to walk away let me tell you! I hear you on being positive..sometimes you just want to complain or vent..and I think that's okay as long as we don't dwell on it..which I have a tendency to do sometimes!! I'll help you.don't worry, be happy!! HAHA!!