Friday, October 1, 2010

Tradeshow eats + random facts!


    How are you all? What did I miss? It was quite a different experience seeing customers face to face rather than over the phone or email. I think because we are so technology dependent, actually talking and making relationships in person is becoming harder to do. That's my 2 cents for this Friday anyways:)

I have to say, Mr. Sun has one the battle over Mr. Gloom this's been stunning! I was sitting out in the sun for lunch at the trade show people watching. The area of Vancouver I was in is very popular for tourists and business people, alike.

I was lucky that there was a food court in a mall right across the street that had a restaurant with juices and a salad bar!

 Those sails you see are part of a building called Canada Place. Isnt' the scenery just amazing! Tons of cameras were out! In fact, in the booth beside us was one of our suppliers. One of their sales people said you have such a stunning place to live in, you have no idea! It was his first time to Vancouver and he said he is coming back in January to go skiing:) Love it when people can enjoy Vancouver and other parts of the B.C. coast:)

 Salad from day 1. Oh so good! pickled beets, broccoli, rice, corn, romaine, peppers, mango, tofu, chickpeas, bean salad, and tomatoes. Not sure if that's a good combo...don't get made at me good food combiners:)

I had it along with a road runner...the juice variety:) This was carrot, beet, pineapple, celery, and some other goodness I can't remember.

 This is the building I was in:) It's the Vancouver Convention Center! It's so beautiful. I love buildings with lots of glass. Funny though where the trade show was at there were no window, only blaring fluorescent lights and stale air LOL! If you look up on the overlap of the roof  you will see tons of wood slates or boards. This  wood  is made from treees that were infected with a nasty pest called the Pine Beetle.  They do this to trees.....

We have had a huge problem in the Northwest as it doesn't get cold enough to kill them off. These little beetles basically eat away at the tree until it dies. So, once you cut down this dead tree the wood has holes all through it and businesses don't want to use that wood. Thankfully, the Olympic committees decided to use the wood in their construction projects and it looks beautiful. I hope more people will be willing to use this so-called "damaged" wood in their projects as the beetle is still causing major damage.
Juice from day 2! Different company this time as I was wanting some green goodness in my juice! This one was called Max Veg and it was from Jugo Juice. This was really good! It had celery, peppers, spinach, carrots, beets,and I think apple. Yum!

Salad from day 2! Same restaurant different toppings:) I went with a bed of baby greens, avocado, peppers, Soba noodles, pickled beets, tomatoes, corn, and chickpeas. Yum! But this gave me a huge stomach ache afterwards which I'm thinking was due to the noodles but who knows!

That funky looking thing in the middle of the picture is where they lit the torch for the winter Olympics...So wish I was there but it's still is cool to look at:)
This globe was inside the convention center and I thought it was so cool! I thought about one of my favorite quotes when I saw this:


PS check out the wood on the ceiling:)

Skyscrapers galore!! Check out my random facts to learn why I like this area that is so full of hustle and bustle!

The trade show itself went well. Nothing too crazy happened, besides one of our consultants trying to do yoga in the booth HAHA! I ate way too many jelly belly's as that was the candy we were offering to all those attending the show:) I haven't had that much candy in a long time! My legs were killing me though as it's quite unnatural to stand still for 6 + hours. But it's done and it's Friday so it's all good:)

So now for some random fact...about moi!

1. I've never dyed my hair. I put highlights in once but that's about it. Dye scares me a lot. The smell and all those chemicals absorbing into my body gives me the shivers.

2. I can't eat cooked oatmeal. My mom tried for hours to try to get me to eat the sludge but I have this gag reflex that comes out every time. I come from a huge oatmeal-eating family and Ryan has oatmeal every day...still doesn't appetize me one bit. Yet, overnight oats has me intrigued....

3. I have 13 aunts and uncles and probably around 50 cousins and 2nd cousins that I see regularly:)

4. I have a special place in my heart for Africa. I have always felt a connection there and I cannot wait to visit and to help out where needed. I'm not saying I don't think other countries suffer, I do, it's just I feel I need to go there. I really want to honor those emotions and feelings one day. I feel like it will complete me somehow, yet, I don't know in which way which excites me:) I've told you about my new favorite song already..but check out the video. It makes me cry, it's so beautiful! Torri I'm sure thinks so too:)

5. I love the Spanish language! I think it is so incredibly beautiful and sexy. I want to learn the language and so I think I might take a class or get a program to learn more. Anyone recommend a good program or online class?

6. I want to learn to play the acoustic guitar. I think it's so incredibly, sexy! When someone is just in the groove and is playing away. I have this dream of playing and singing a song to Ry on our 10th wedding anniversary:) I should start now as I'm sure I need the practice lol!

This picture connects #6 with #4

7. I used to be a huge scrabbooker but I haven't been able to fit it in lately. I love creating beautiful projects from paper, stickers, stamps, pins, button etc! Maybe I should start a group or something so that I actually use all my stuff...I've got a LOT of it!

8. I've wanted to to work in an area where I could wear a suit to work. I don't know what it is but I like the look!! I probably would change my viewpoint on it once I actually will have to wear one but maybe not. Do you have to wear a suit to work? Do you hate it or feel powerful in it?

That's enough randomness about me lol! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to do a little yard work this afternoon as my u-pick hazelnut idea is out the door because they are sold out. I've got a back up though so all should work out well:) I'm trying to absorb all this fall sunshine as I'm sure it will disappear fast. I'm also headed to pick up Junior tomorrow so that's exciting. I'm sure I'll have another million pictures to share!! Then on Sunday I'm going to hang out with a guy I have barely seen hubby! This week was brutal as our schedules were so wacky. Hopefully Mr. Sun approves and we can go for a bike ride or maybe hit up the beach for some frisbee action.

Talk to you all on Monday! XOXO


griffen said...

i agree with you about spanish =)

the juices sounded yummy, especially the pineapple one. LOVE pineapple.

Nelly said...

it could have been the juice that gave you a stomach ache...sometimes if i have certain fruits or veggies on an empty stomach i get a very weird sort of pain in my gut...i call it gut rot!!! hehe!!

i feel the same way about the acoustic guitar...i absolutely love it and think it is so sexy...start your lessons and i would also love to hear you play!!

i am glad that the wood from the eaten trees is being used!!!

love you...

HiHoRosie said...

Yeah, sorry about the tummy ache - that's no fun. But the food and juices still look good! That's so horrible about the beetles. Incredible all the damage they cause. :( Loved your random facts. I took Spanish in h.s. but haven't forgotten most of it. So sad. And I love oatmeal. I love most mushy hot cereals though. People always hated cream of wheat (something I haven't had in EONS!) but I loved it. And I heart crafts too! Too bad we don't live closer to each other...and oh my do you have a lot of "close" family! That's awesome though. :)

HiHoRosie said...

I meant, I HAVE forgotten most of my Spanish. Can't type either...

Anonymous said...

I do love that song by Shakira too - and of course, she looks stunning in that video!

As for Spanish, I would suggest Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone for you. I personally love Pimsleur as they have a unique way of teaching you that totally sticks in your brain. I learned a whole Japanese phrase and still remember it a year later after one 15-min lesson!

My brother is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin and Spanish and picks up languages just like nothing.

His tip is to learn the entire alphabet sounds first, then conversation, THEN learn all the grammar. I mean, the dude learned MANDARIN for pete's sake - how can you argue with that!

As for the oatmeal, I know what you mean and that's why I don't like it either, but with the overnight oats as long as you cut up some fresh fruit in there, it's good.

Torri :-)