Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road Eats

Happy Thursday!

Today is actually my friday..wahoo! I've been insanely busy today but I'm totally loving the adrenaline. Before I get into what I'm taking along for the big trip tomorrow, I wanted to share a big moment that happened today!

Yep, I finally got to cut that bad boy up! Man, did it feel good. But then after a couple of minutes the reality of not having it in my purse kind of stung as I guess I did like the security of knowing that it was there. I didn't have too much left on it and I haven't used it in months but its funny how some little bit of plastic can have a psychological effect on you.

Now onto the goods...When I travel I like to nibble and snack on this and that so I ended up making a variety of stuff not only to last the trip, but hopefully a couple of days down at the coast.

First up were the muffins. I decided to try a banana zucchini muffin recipe that I found on Vegweb. These came together in a flash and I only needed to buy the zucch which was nice. I added in some oatbran and wheatbran to give it some extra uumph. I decided that you NEEDED to see what the inside of these muffins looked like so I ate half just for you:) I took one for the! They are really delicious.

And why not one more picture...everyone loves pictures, right?

Next I went for the classic vegan chocolate chip cookie. I absolutely love the Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies from Vegweb. They are Awesome with a capital A. Yet, the one thing I just haven't figured out with cookie making is how to keep the cookies soft. Any insights? Maybe I just bake them for too long?

Then I made some of my almost raw protein cookies. Ry and I are really loving these right now! They really speak for themselves:) This time I used Medjool dates so we will see if I notice the difference.

Last but definitely not least, I tried making some kale chips. I used Averie's recipe for 1 bunch of kale. It tasted so good right out of the blender..I could barely wait. I don't have a dehydrator so I had to use my oven which is gas. I opted to turn it on to 200 and leave the door open. Let's just say my kitchen was a boilin' lol!

Don't you just love that color...WOW!

And there is the final product! These seriously are addicting. I love the flavor and texture of them. A real winner! I think my oven may be a bit too hot so I had a lot of little pieces that stuck to my parchment paper. But I can not wait to try making some more of these. Now I know what everyone is raving about:)

I'm also going to be bringing a lot of leftovers as I had to cook up a lot of veggies that would have gone bad before I could have reached a kitchen! Trail mix is also coming along as well as some raw cut up veggies. I'm hoping that I will keep with these and eat less of the other sugary stuff, but like I said, I love to nibble on stuff on the road:)

And I can't not let Nemo have a treat so I picked up these treatsies from the co-op and he loves them so hopefully it will keep him quiet in the car:)

So, I better run as I still have a million things to do including preparing a dish for a potluck..eek!

I hope you like my little menu for the road and whatever you are doing this weekend, have a good one!

I'm not sure how often I'll be posting this next week as we have a pretty busy schedule , but I'll try to update you when I have a spare minute. Maybe a 2AM post will be in!


HiHoRosie said...

We just made a tamale pie from vegweb...although, we didn't eat but gave it to friend who just had a baby. Hope she liked it! :) Those muffins look nummy.

And kale chips...very YUM! Haven't tried Averie's version. Heard it's good though. Well, besides your post. Gotta try!

Melissa said...

Vegweb has been pretty decent for what I've tried. I'm sure your friend really appreciated the eats! You do have to try the kale chips....yum!

shannonmarie said...

Freedom! Congrats on cutting up the card. I stopped using them years ago.

Don't you just love it when you have all (or most of) the ingredients for a recipe? It's like it is just meant to be :-)

Melissa said...

Hey Shannonmarie! It is total it:) Good on ya for not using them! And yes, I love when I have all the gets me giddy lol! It means good eats in a shorter time.