Monday, March 22, 2010

Back home and new do!

Happy Monday everyone!

Phew..lots of traveling yesterday. Started at 9AM and got home at 9PM so I'm pretty mellow today....trying to get back into the routine. The trip itself went super smooth and Nemo was awesome (slept for most of the trip)! He was out of his cage for about 5 minutes here and loved looking out the! We drove through some towns I haven't visited before so that was a nice change of scenery. We listened to some wacky music and I got a good chunk of New Moon read. Yes, I got sucked in to the saga! I realize how much more intense the books are compared to the movie and how much they really leave out! But I'm really enjoying the easy read...its a nice change from heavy nutrition or health books I have been reading lately.

The visit with family and friends was really awesome! We got to see most of the peeps we wanted too but wish we had more time to spend with each of them. I just had to keep telling myself that we will be back in 2 months and so that made it easier to say good-bye. On the whole health front I'm going to be honest..I didn't go to the gym once and like I said in one of my recent posts, I ate out a lot too so my body wasn't its usual chipper self. Also the cold or flu that knocked me out had my body sluggish for most of the week. Yet, I had some plans to hit up my favorite running trail and I was pretty disappointed that it didn't happen. This place is my little sanctuary and I truly love running there. We also were involved with a very special wedding. Ryan's mom got married to her prince charming Les on Saturday. I won't go into too much detail, but they both have been through a lot in their lives and so their love and marriage couldn't have happened to two better people. Congrats you two!

Another big event took place while I was away...I cut off half of my hair. Yep, it was super long and I was tired of it. I was really scared to get it cut shorter though as I had a bad experience in my teens. I took advice from my sister-in-law and went to a place in the mall nearby. I found some pictures in a mag that I liked and the hairdresser worked from there. She kept saying "wow half your hair is gone." I usually let out a nervous laugh at this comment..totally crossing my fingers under the black sheet they tie around your neck. But...I totally love it. I'm still getting used to it but its fun and nice to have side bangs! I got it cut right before the wedding (dangerous I know!) and a lot of people didn't recognize! You know its drastic when! I really felt like the long hair just wasn't "me" right now and the new do totally fits the bill! Have you changed your style because it just didn't feel right? I don't know if it was just me but I really felt a tug to change..and I'm really glad I did!

That's the gist of my trip but I'll do a bigger post later! I'll leave you with a few picts of the wedding:) Have a great week!

Another big event- The hubby cut his hair. Seriously, this took a lot of persuasion and the length you see in this pict is the shortest he's had it since we have been together. I love it! And that's my new do!!
My beautiful second mom and her new husband! Yep, he sported the kilt and I totally love Terri's dress.

Mom and me! She was very happy to make it to the wedding. She really loves Ryan's mom and they are on the same page for a lot of things!

Me with my sister-in-laws! Aren't they stunning? Their hairdo's were so beautiful and the shoes..oh the shoes. They had it all going on!

The bouquets were so amazing...orchids and lilies and some other greenery. It looked so awesome against their black dresses.

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bitt of raw said...

thanks for the link!

that cat picture is amazing. no photoshopping? unbelievable.

i think your hair looks good shorter. I am almost ready for a new look myself. Almost.

Melissa said...

no problem for the link love! Thanks for the Nemo comment. Ya, I just snapped it and it came out perfect! It is scary when you think about scissors cutting through the locks but afterwards its refreshing!

kelli said...

cute hair cut! i love getting my hair chopped.

and your cat's adorable!

kris | said...

I love, love, love the hair cut!! So fresh and stylish looking :) It is time for me to tame this hair as well ;)

I love wedding pics, what a beautiful looking day!


Melissa said...

Hey Kelli- Thanks for the hair comment! I totally have my confidence back when it comes to hairdressers so I'm excited to look for other cool do's!

Kris - Thanks for commenting on my hair:) I love it too! One great benefit too is that I don't have to dry my hair for half an hour..wahoo! I love weddings too! And it was a beautiful day:) Great timing too as on Sunday it poured out!