Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lunch buddies!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

How is everyone's week going? I'm moving pretty slowly, to be honest..haha. I'm finally making it to the gym today. Although I did put in 20 minutes on my mini-tramp yesterday, I'm still feeling a bit sluggish and by 3pm it feels like a need a nap. I haven't had that feeling since I ate pasta or heavy carbs for lunch many, many months ago. I'm eating tons of greens and fruits so I'm wondering if I could possible be doing a little detoxing from my take-out stint last week. Is that possible? Maybe its just straight up I'm-back-from-vacation fatigue...we've all been there:)
As I mentioned in a previous post, I think getting outside is really important to your health. So, as today was simply gorgeous, I took my salad bowl and New Moon outside and soaked up a few rays. Man, does it feel good to be warm outside in a t-shirt again. I'm by no means putting away my vitamin D supplement, but it does a body good to have those rays on it for a short while. How can you not be happy when the sun is smiling down at you:)

My lovely salad with romaine lettuce, red cabbage, collard greens, fresh basil...........and

Pea Shoots! I love these crunchy, hydrating sprouts. I picked them up at my favorite market when I was at the coast. According to the package, they are water!

I intended to have my lunch alone but there were a few curious onlookers who decided that my side of the street was warmer than their side and decided to join me! This is Nemo's buddy that he hangs out with when exploring outside. He's got an interesting name...flopsu! They are really funny to watch as they tackle each other all the time. Typical boys eh?

Nemo on his back in a pile of sand...awesome! My salad bowl looks bigger than him!

I must have looked like the neighborhood cat lady out there LOL!

Anyways, here's to the simple things in reading a book in the glorious sunshine. Do something simple will love it!

Have a great rest of your week!

PS: Heidi is having a giveaway on her blog. Unfortunately its for US residents only, but I thought I would put the word out anyways:)


bitt of raw said...

i just went out with my cat for a bit. they love the sun on nice days.

when your salad bowl is bigger than a cat, it's a good thing.

enjoy new moon! my favorite one was the last one of the 4.

kelli said...

so cute your cat has a friend!=)

Melissa said...

Hey Bitt - Cats are sun worshipers indeed:) My salad bowl was big but Nemo is pretty large for a cat..haha but definitely a good thing! I'm so into them now, it took me until the middle of New Moon but now the ball is rolling.

Hey Kelli - It's pretty funny in the morning we let Nemo outside and Flopsu comes running up and they play-fight each other and hang out LOL They have their guy-only little gang going on!

shannonmarie said...

Salad and sunshine. Love it! And so do the cats :-)

Melissa said...

It was the best lunch in awhile:)