Saturday, December 19, 2009



You can take control of your health! I found this statement hard to swallow at first as it meant I had to be different from the people around me. You eat hemp seeds? Isn't that illegal? You know, responses like that. Yet, the more I researched and learned , the more I realized my diet and lifestyle were key to having contagious health. I'm not perfect by any means and I will talk about my trials and tribulations of living a healthy lifestyle.
So, what am I going to be babbling on about at this site? I've made a list to summarize some, but not all, of the topics that I'm really passionate about:
  • Food: The good,the bad, and the ugly
  • Exercise: How I workout, trainers I like, equipment etc
  • Alternative Medicine: herbs, plants, methodologies, and my journey to become a naturopathic physician
  • Fun: Because everyone needs some in their life!

I'll be posting soon.I know its the holiday season and everyone is hustling and bustling so I'll make them brief ! In the meantime, for those who are experiencing the normal Canadian winter, a special picture to help you warm up.

Cheers, Melissa

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