Wednesday, April 6, 2011

what has me smiling today:)

howdy folks! You ready to turn that frown upside down? Ya, you are!!!

Here are a few things that have me smiling today....

1. Amazing voices that cause full on chills. I am going to buy their album on itunes because I love them that much..already:) Thank you Gina for sharing these wonderful guys with us!

2.  Leftovers!! We had a great throw-together-and-bake dinner last night and it tastes even better today:)


3. My sis-in-law's kitty that she took in from the street had her kittens last night:) All survived and are doing well. I can't wait to see them and hopefully convince Ry to keep one...te he that's going to take some work:)

4. Sunshine!! Seriously it has been raining here everyday for I don't know how long. I was so excited to see the bright light in my office instead of grey:) I think my back is holding up well so I'm going to try biking in to work tomorrow.

5. Finding the ability to love who I am. This is a day to day task but I'm seeing the value and in giving myself credit and letting go of the perfection thing.

6. Adventures in the kitchen. I'm trying to just play around and combine different flavors to see what happens. This was from one of those adventures:)

This was a bar I worked on. It contained oats, chia, cashews, maple syrup, cranberries, orange zest, grated sweet potato, coconut butter, ginger, and nutmeg. It was good but needs some tweaking! See if you can spot the red onion that someone got mixed in HAHA!

What's got you smiling today?
Have a happy afternoon!!!


Laury @The FitnessDish said...

OMG! I can't resist kittens. How can you go see them without taking them ALL!! LOL. You must post pics...they are my weakness!

Melissa said...

Hey Laury - I know I can't wait either!!! I'm seeing them on Friday:)

HiHoRosie said...

lol at the red onion! funny when that happens. Looks good though.

Aw, and baby kitties! I love them! I hope you post pics too.

And we still need sun and WARMTH! Holy moley it's been cold.

(what runs) Lori said...

Mmmmm chia sweet potato bar- looks yummy.

I want a kitten. Badly. But what is making me smile today is the warmth of my coffee. Yum.

kelli said...

i was so distracted by the cute dog playing in the background of that video! very sweet post!=)

bitt said...

oh no that onion sure is gonna ruin the flavor. get that outta there! I like the idea of a carrot granola. I might do a spin-off myself.

Melissa said...

Hey Heidi - I will definitely post pictures:) Yes, that cold, rainy streak had me feeling like a sloth!!

Hey Lori - Yes, I look forward to my Americano's..especially on Fridays:)

Hey Kelli - The do is funny, hey? All their videos have some sort of action taking place in the background!!

Hey Bitt - Ha!! Don't you worry I did a dissection and got that onion out with minimal damage:) Yes, carrots and's becoming a favorite:)

Nikki said...

When I go to buy Pixi's food I usually end up spending at least 20 minutes in the cat room with the kittens. Soooo hard not to bring them home every time. Little kitten "mews" melt my heart.

Kris | said...

hahaha you are making me smile today!!
I love leftovers they make my life a lot easier and fun!

Your bars look fab girl! Awesome!


Nelly said...

oh darn, i want a kitten too...haha!!! john says i am not allowed to bring a kitten home...ugh! love it how a man can tell you you're not allowed to do something...kinda living with parents all over again!

the leftovers look yummy...i spot quinoa and other goodies...your "adventure" looks yummy...i love cranberries and i spot cranberries...haha!

i would be smiling too...


Anonymous said...

I went and watched a few more of their videos - love the background action! Their voices are great. Your kitchen is so big compared to mine!!