Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend happenings

Howdy folks!!

             How are we all doing this April 5th? Relaxed after the weekend? I am in desperate need of a long weekend as Saturday and Sunday just seem to vanish into thin air! January to April we don't have any stat holidays in BC and so Easter can't come fast enough:)

This weekend I hung out with my mom and did a bit of shopping. Got some new sunglasses and tank tops. I don't know what happened by my tank top stash has dwindled to a few stragglers:( We watched some Intervention which is such an incredible series. Terribly hard to watch sometimes but I'm always hopeful for a positive outcome!! Went for a bike ride to one of our favorite coffee shops, and had a little family time!

When my mom came over for dinner I made roasted veggie sandwiches and "blizzards" for dessert.

Yes, those veggies look mighty roasted..because they are! I left the mushrooms, beets, peppers, and leeks in the oven a tad bit too long but they were still put to good use!

Starting from the top we have an almond, sun-dried tomato spread, roasted veggies, lettuce, and goat cheese. Delicious!! I got the recipe out of a Vegetarian Times magazine. I see myself making this sandwich a lot in the summer with all the garden fresh veggies. I just made some rejuvelec so cashew cheese is in my future and would be a great alternative to the goat cheese!

Now for dessert.... Every once and awhile Ry gets a Skor blizzard. I'm always jealous of his dessert and wonder why Dairy Queen doesn't have a dairy-free option? Now I don't need to wait for the DQ to make a dairy free blizzard because Angela beat them to it!! And I copied Angela:)

I used Averie's chocolate chip cookie dough ball recipe for the cookie dough part and ended up with this..


So, so good!! The layers go dark chocolate, softserve, crumbled cookie dough ball, softserve, melted chocolate. Take that DQ!! I see this and the endless flavor combinations as a big hit for summer treats:)

We also sipped on this wine. It was okay but not my favorite Pinot Noir to date. PS on our trip we are planning to hit up the Napa valley and do some major wine tasting. Anyone have any suggestions?

On Sunday we had a friend over for din din and we decided to make nachos. I love my nachos LOADED. Of course nachos aren't the healthiest food out there so I tried to healthify them as much as I can which loads of veggies.

jalapenos, red onion, leek, and mushrooms

I put whole beans instead of refried! Don't mind my French:)

Silly me! I forgot to take a picture of my nacho masterpiece. But trust me they were perfecto with homemade salsa and guacamole. Mmmm!!

Yesterday I had an appointment with my ND. I love my ND. He keeps me in the loop with the happenings of naturopathic medicine and all the advancements in the field. I gain so much more than simply treatment for my ailments!! Him and his wife were one of the first graduates of the school I'm going to be attending in the fall so he gave me lots of advice regarding studying and the intensity. He's a no-bullshit kind of guy so I listen when he gives advice! 

 I felt my body alignment was off and I thought it was my right side but it was actually my left side AFFECTING my right side!! This trend is quite common with me. There was a lot of muscle manipulation and because I was "out" for awhile he had to work the muscles all the way up to my neck. My neck is quite sore today but hopefully it will hold. I also had to get a prolo shot in my back as I have an old tear that I have avoiding getting treatment for. He hit the money spot and I felt the nerves firing all the way down my back and leg! Yes, my pain tolerance is high! This is one procedure that I cannot wait to learn. My doctor even told me that I don't have to be an ND graduate to take the course so maybe I'll attempt it after my second year.

I haven't biked to work this week due to the endless rain and today because of my treatment. I'll see how I feel on Thursday and maybe I'll bike the last two days. Yesterday before my treatment I did a ladder workout at home using three exercises: squat press, pushups, and rows. I used 2-10lb dumbbells for the squat and the rows. I could have used a tad bit heavier weights but I still got a great workout in. Basically the circuit looks like this

Round 1 - 1 rep squat and press, 1 rep pushups, 1 rep rows
Round 10 - 10 reps squat and press, 10 reps pushups, 10 reps rows

Then you go back down the ladder doing 9,8, 7....etc reps of each exercise. This is a great circuit if you are crunched for time but still want a full body workout. You can use different exercises of course to make it easier or more difficult depending on your fitness level! This is a great way to switch up your routine and try something different. I'm also planning on dominating Gina's Monday BANG workout sometime this week. This looks killer! Burpees for 1 minute? Help me now!!

Have a great rest of your day!! I'm planning on cooking tonight since I'm supposed to rest and all.
Maybe I'll cook and watch Oprah!! Oh and I need to catch up on Glee, I'm going through some serious withdrawals!



HiHoRosie said...

I want your blizzard! Yum! Weekends do go way too fast no matter what's happening. I'm still in favor of 5-day weekends. :) Your nachos sound good - one of my favorite foods. Glad you got treated and are on the mend.

Nelly said...

even though you may have over cooked the veggies, that burger looks AMAZING!!!! and i love goat cheese!!!

your blizzard sounds yummy!!!



Melissa said...

Hey Heid- 5 day weekends..yes, yes!! Oh the bliss! Nachos are amazing..and can be quite nutritious if you play it right:)

Hey Nelly - Thanks doll! Grilled veggie sammies are going to be a staple in my house for sure:) Yes, I do love having goat cheese once and awhile:)

Meghan Telpner said...

Those veggie sandwiches and blizzards look so amazingly delish! What a nice treat :)

(what runs) Lori said...

OMG how did I not see this post?! That burger! Oooooh wow. Wow. Looks so freakin' good! Yummy.

And your workout sounds awesome. Must try that one with my clients!

Anonymous said...

that almond, sun-dried tomato spread looks amazing - but the recipe link doesn't work? Is it basically the same as Averie's?

Torri :-)