Friday, March 25, 2011


Happy Friday folks!!!

         TGIF is all I have to say:) Hope you have some awesome adventures planned for this weekend. I plan on getting my act in gear and making some hummus and other awesome eats to last me into next week. I have not been planning very well and so I pay the price time wise (as I need to cook more in the evenings) and budget wise as I end up buying more pre-made foods. Anyone else notice how expensive everything in the supermarkets are lately? Yuck!

On a seperate note:

I am learning that since I am eating lunch early these days (11-ish) by the time 2:30-3 comes along I need a little something. Since I workout around 3:30-4pm it's hard because I don't want to be feeling the food moving around in my tummy while I'm pumping some iron and so I usually don't have anything. Then all I want to do is eat and eat when I get home as my stomach is a rumblin'. So, I need to make a whack load of these, these, or these. Or maybe make green smoothies before I go to work? Another experiment in the making!!

Awhile back I was awarded this by the lovely Heidi

For the Stylish Blogger award:

1. Make a post that links back to the blogger who gave you the award.

2. Nominate ten more bloggers to receive the award and list them in your post along with links to their blogs.

3. Tell them they’ve received the award by posting a comment on their blog.

1. Nelly - This lovely bride-to-be has such a big heart! I love reading about her daily adventures in the kitchen and elsewhere as she is getting ready for her big day:)
2. Lori - This girl has got it going on. She pumps iron, can actually handle the TRX, and makes some killer eats that break free from the everyday!
3. Katie -This is where science nerds unit. Katie is working on her PhD and I'm going to ND school so we share this connection. Or at least that's what I think lol! She is your everyday cookie and stevia-baking master. And she is a love of mustard and hummus. So, what's not to love.
4. Bitt - A great advocate for the vegan cause and animals, Bitt provides amazing raw/vegan recipes, including her famous Bitt bars. She is so passionate and provides me with a great support for my lifestyle choice.
5. Kelli - This lovely lady shares amazing raw/vegan food on her blog. She even comes up with names for her veggies she's that cool. Kelli not only blogs about her eats, she touches on the emotional aspect of our human nature which I like a lot
6. Kris- My local blogger buddy Kris is a bakery owner, blogger, online company owner, and all around awesome lady. She always shares amazing recipes and tips on how to be your own glamazon!!! Every Friday is treat day so it's always exciting to see what she has cooked/uncooked up!
7. Laury -This beautiful soon mother-to-be is an amazing advocate for true wellness living. She is a personal trainer and so she shares workout tips and fun new exercises. She also shares amazing recipes and great tips in her FridayFive.
8. Angela- I get a sense of  calm and flowing kindess about her when I read her blog and I think it's so refreshing. Her site is packed with incredible recipes and ideas to create the ultimate raw kitchen that is incredibly eco-friendly.
9. Torri - She is another beautiful home girl!! This lovely lady blogs about her love of yoga and the trials and tribulations of our crazy modern lives. She opens up to you like a friend and I really love that about her:)

Okay I made it to 9!  Tha'ts it for today folks. Have a great one:)


HiHoRosie said...

Fun! Congrats to everyone! Happy Friday Melissa! Hope you have a great weekend!

(what runs) Lori said...

You are the best. I mean that. :)

Katie said...

What? Me? Stylish? Surely you jest.

Nelly said...

thank you darling girl...i adore you, always and forever...

yay lori...i adore her too...

and heidi rocks!!!!! i also adore her...hehe!!!


kelli said...

awww thanks melissa! you're so sweet! xoxoxo

Nelly said...

i nominated you for an award too...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for my award! That is soooo sweet and I'm really touched. THANK YOU!!! x0x0x0x0


bitt said...

still catching up after the trip...thank you so much!!!!!

Melissa said...

congrats ladies...enjoy:)