Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black Magic

Hello all,

           Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a swell weekend. Mine was filled with lots of fun projects and even a little sunshine:) I cleaned up my back yard as I had given up racking leaves since my neighbor's tree kept blowing them into our lawn all fall. Now that the trees are barren, it was my chance. My compost bin is loaded and my lawn waste bin is overflowing. But the grass is finally free of debris and so maybe it can fill in a bit more!

I also dug a little spot a couple feet wide and about 12 feet long where I planted my hostas! It felt great to get my hands in the soil again. Let's hope the hostas like their new home! Just as I had finished up it started to hail out..heavily. Love it when timing just works out:)

I'll be sharing another project I did involving some sedums and a little DIY modern decor. Just need to take some more picts!

I also finally found the blade for my blender which was MIA for quite some time. So, it was time to get back on the green smoothie bandwagon.

This smoothie named "black magic"  was filled with blueberries, frozen banana, chocolate Vega powder, a little raw cacao, almond milk, 3 large lettuce leaves, and lucuma powder. Dee-lish!

Lucuma is actually a fruit found in Peru, Chile, and Ecuador.

According to Navitas Naturals site they state that :

Lucuma is considered a healthy alternative sweetener as it lends a sweet taste to recipes, but is very low in sugars. With naturally occurring beta-carotene, niacin, and iron, lucuma powder is a welcome antidote to notorious “empty calorie” sweeteners.

It's a very unique product with a unique taste. I liked it in my smoothie but I'm excited to try lucuma ice cream which apparently is a big hit all over Europe.

What recipes have you used lucuma in?

Of course can't leave out my current obsession! Over the past few months my juicer has seen lots of action. It's a great way to get in your daily dose of true plant blood.

I have been keeping a close eye on the nuclear events in Japan as the West Coast of BC in in the direct path
of trade winds from Japan. Meaning that if the nuclear power plant were to experience a meltdown, a lot of radiation was going to hit BC.

There have been a lot back and forth going on in the media saying not to fear but I'm not that trustworthy of the news. I listened to a great interview that David Wolfe did on the topic of radiation and ways to protect yourself just in case.

I went to my local health food store to stock up on some of the products David recommended.

My list included:
Iodine - protects the thyroid and glandular system from radiation damage

From Natural News:

Dr. Brownstein is one of the top experts on iodine. About radiation exposure, he explains: "If there is enough inorganic, non-radioactive iodine in our bodies, the radioactive fallout has nowhere to bind in our bodies. It will pass through us, leaving our bodies unharmed. It is important to ensure that we have adequate iodine levels BEFORE this fallout hits." (Source link below, from the IMVA website.)

Astragralus - Protects and supports the immune system
Reishi mushroom - "mushroom of immortality" helps radiation-damaged immune systems Ginseng - Treat bone marrow suppression caused by radiation and protect the thyroid

These little guys are actually quite tasty! And you drink them with a straw which is fun.

Reishi tincture, bladderwrack tincture (a seaweed high in iodine), and astragalus!

Now on to dessert!
I made this awesome vegan cheesecake that I saw on Lori's blog. It's crumbled goji berry and apple flavor! This was super delish and easy peasy! Lori said her version wasn't that sweet so I added in some maple syrup:) Mmm I think the taste got better after a day as the flavors had a greater chance to mingle.

 Mmmmm! And I'm not even a super fan of cooked apples but the combination of filling, crust, and baked apple with gojis was actually really, really good!

Alrighty folks I'm off to the dentist so have a great rest of your day! Coming up later on I'm going to share about awards, decor, crafts, yogurt, kefir, and more! Chow!

PS Happy Spring:)


Nikki said...

That apple pie cheesecake looks so yummy! Definitely flavors that I want to try together in the near future.

kelli said...

good for you taking precaution! though i'm practically on the other side of the world, stores around me have sold out on iodine. i've got lots of kelp and nori on hand, and i'm keeping an eye on a site that reports radiation levels. you just never know, and i say better safe then sorry.

that cheesecakes looks scrummy, and i've been wanting to try lucuma!


Nelly said...

hey babes! i was just thinking...i need a dose of melissa...missing her...and guess what there you were this morning on my blogger...woot!

anyhoo...first and foremost, as if you didn't realize from the above text, i have been thinking a lot about you lately...and the effects of the radiation on b.c...so i am glad you are taking care of yourself...and i think it's absolutely adorable that you drink those cute little bottles with straws...haha...it made me laugh when you wrote "And you drink them with a straw which is fun." you are such a sweet soul! love you...

i use lucuma in pretty much everything, especially my moonie pies...it's really a great substitute for caramel...it tastes like caramel...and i also use it in a lot of my sugar free desserts lately...love it! navitas also mentions that it's a good base for making ice creams...try using it in banana soft serve, i bet it would taste amazing...

have a beautiful day my friend.

Melissa said...

Hey Nikki - the flavor combo was awesome! You'll love it:)

Hey Kelli - What site are you using. I would love to more about what the levels are at without using the news which are usually not accuarate. It's definitely better safe than sorry:)

Hey Nelli - Gotta love perfect timing hey:) Thank you for thinking about me during these uncertain times!! Te he..the straw is lots of fun..makes the vitamins taste better haha! Girl, I need to try a moonie pie!! I'm very new to lucuma so I'm excited to experiment..especially with ice cream and moonies:) Lots of love to my friend!

HiHoRosie said...

Now that is one black smoothie! Nice! And I love lucuma. In fact, I was missing some the other day so you reminded me to pick some up. We're taking precautions too. I heard (not thru mainstream media) that radiation was already detected in Cali. Truth? Not sure but a little precaution is always good I think.

(what runs) Lori said...

Oh wow! You're apple crumble thing turned out amazing looking! hope it tasted good... yeah, mine got better with "age" too. ;)


And that black smoothie looks wonderful! I LOVE my green smoothies. Lucuma is a fun ingredient to work with. It's definitely an interesting taste but good.