Friday, October 22, 2010

Want some ideas for what to do this weekend?

Hey all,

         Happy Friday! I'm stoked for a full weekend this time around and an open schedule. Ahh..livin' in the moment! I used to be so uptight about my time-slotted weekend plans but it caused me too much unnecessary stress. Special occasions are the exception, of course.
 Are you strict on your weekend time or do you just roll with it?

As I'm still camera-less I thought I would pull some ideas from around the sphere and web in case you want to fill in some of that spare time that everyone is in excess of these days (insert sarcastic laugh here!). I know we are all busy but remember to take some time for yourself. Don't worry you aren't being selfish:)

1. Cook a big pot of soup or stew

In fall I find the smell of soup cooking over the stove so enveloping, if you will. It's so comforting and warm and filling..ahh perfect as it's like a hug when it's dreary and cold outside.  A big plus is that if you make a large batch you won't have to cook for a couple of meals:) You can add all sorts of veggies or keep it simple, 15 varieties of beans or just one. I load up my soups/stews so they have every veggie/bean/rice/quinoa/spice option available in my house. I would love to make soup in that kettle! How cool!
 Need some recipe inspiration? Check out these ideas....

Averie's Vegan Crock Pot Chili

Ashley's Pumpkin Chili recipe - I made it this week and its super yummy and fast to prepare!

Angela's Blanket Stew - I also made this recipe and I'm in love!! So yummy

Kathy's Rustic 3 squash soup - My mission is to make a creamy squash soup like this ASAP!

2. Complete a task that you have been avoiding

I bet you didn't want to hear this one, right? Well, why not get it over with so you can do more fun things? I have a few of these on my list, including my ND school application! I know it will be very rewarding to complete it and send it off, yet I let too many other things take priority. Are you going to join me in finishing a nagging project? Let's do it!

3. Treat yourself to a workout!

Yes, I said treat yourself. Working out does so much for your body, mind, and spirit. I don't know about you, but I feel empowered after a workout. I sometimes doubt myself when it comes to pushing myself harder, but my body always gives 100%. I find exercise helps quiet my mind and re-center my focus. Will a tub of ice cream do that for you? Please say no people! So, treat yourself to a good sweat session whatever it may be! You will feel like a superhero!

Try some yoga, P90X, running, rebounding or... - I LOVE Zuzana and her workout style. If you have 12 minutes, you have a great, sweaty workout - I'm a huge fan of Craigs. He has a ton of workout samples on his site that you can do at home or at the gym
Laury of The Fitness Dish - Check out her Friday 5 as she lists a great workout!

4. Create a vision board, bucket list, goal list, inspirational quote list....

I'll admit that I am a newbie at creating any of those powerful tools! I've seen many people create beautiful, inspiring lists and goals yet I don't create a physical display of them myself. I think this ties in to # 2 wouldn't you say? I know that big movers and shakers have their goals on cards in their pocket, on their desk, their phone etc. I need to do that as repetition will create a habit, one that you can actually keep:)  I plan to have my soon-to-be office/guest room as a place of inspiration and where I can get a jolt of motivation if I'm down. Here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing....

Angela even shares some graphics so that you can actually make a "bucket" list.  You can also see an example of a vision board that she created.

Kris is a HUGE inspiration and she is all about sharing and motivating us bloggers. Check out her vision board and get ready to dream BIG!

Even lady O shares how to create a vision board. On page 4 is an actual example

5. Write a letter to someone that is dear to you and mail it!

I love receiving letters/cards/invitations in the mail! The anticipation when you begin to open the letter doesn't occur when I click on my inbox. So, why not right a little note to someone special that maybe you haven't connected with in awhile? You could even write a letter to your significant other and put it in their sock drawer so they have an unexpected love note to brighten their day! No mailing required:) I guarantee you will get just as much out of writing the letter as the person who  receives it:)

Are you going to include some of those things in your busy weekend? Hope so!!
Have a great one and stay tuned as next week is a theme week on Contagious Health!


bitt said...

Wow you are reading my mind. I did all of these in the last few days. I love writing notes to others. And made lots of butternut squash soup yesterday. Delicious.

I still have 7 more tasks I've been avoiding, so I better get to work.

Thanks for coming up with great blog content even camera-less.

Melissa said...

Hey Bitt - That's AWESOME!! You go girl!! Thank you for the sweet comment, it made my night!!!

HiHoRosie said...

hey great ideas Melissa! Weekends for the most part are a wing-it type with us. Makes it more fun right? hee hee! Well, sometimes. I still have my to-do list waiting for me...always. :/

Angela said...

i did treat myself to a run this weekend! (it felt amazing after a Friday night of indulgences.) i did not make a stew, however, i did have some really good sushi and wine. hope your weekend was a good one! :)

Laury@The Fitness Dish said...

Great weekend ideas!!! Looking forward to theme week!!

PS--love that pic of the pot cooking outside, how cool!

Lori said...

I wish I saw this list on Friday but nonetheless, it's a great list of things to do! I love each and every one of these!