Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Week picts and books on tape

Happy Wednesday folks!

How is your Earth Week going? Are you helping Mother Earth take a much needed load of her stressful shoulders. I hope so, and I hope you don't stop once Sunday rolls around. Just remember that every little change makes a difference! And you know what? Saving the planet can be delicious. You think we eat "rabbit food" and that it's plain and tasteless? Check out my blogroll and you will be pleasantly surprised at how delicious and creative food can really be. We have to change our mindset people! We need to think outside the box and to not go with the flow of society. Going with the flow means...fake emotions, fast food, being someone you aren't, being pumped with drugs that don't work, and on and on. We need people to break away from this mold and to be who they are deep down inside and to connect with nature once again. Do your dig me? Okay, I'm off my soap box now...let's talk about some food.

As you may already know, Meghan Telpner's tutorial 5 Days Healing with Everyday Superfoods is taking place this week. As I am the lucky owner of this tutorial, I've been reading and following along with a few of her amazing recipes. After my morning TT workout yesterday (anyone love burpees?...ya, 8 rounds of these bad boys and I hate them! which means I really love them after its all said and done:) I made Meghan's Super-powered Breakfast smoothie, which she so kindly posted about here. It was delish and a new experience for me as I usually am very plain-jane when it comes to my smoothies -greens, fruit, cinnamon, and Vega. It was really good and had me filled right up! I made a few changes to include what I had on hand. I didn't have any goji's, I used almond butter instead of almonds, and I used cacao powder instead of nibs.

Beautiful color and so nutritionally dense...mmm!

A little proof for the Green Week Challenge that I actually drank my green monster:)

Later on in the morning I made Meghan's Superhero Balls. Oh boy! These were so rich and delicious.

Check out those white chia seeds and the rich cacao..yum! 15 minutes:)

For Lunch I had a lovely salad with avocado and sprouts. I made Kelli's Sweet Lime Cilantro Dressing. You have to make this..sooo good!

Ingredients ready to become dressing goodness!

Just a little bit left.I devoured most of it:)

Green power, baby!

I am also chugging along in my study of The Language of medicine. I'm trying to get an edge for when I get into ND school:) It felt so good to read and feel the hot sun..ahh. I also drank some ginger tea.

Terminology anyone? The first chapter was all about suffixes and combining terms. A lot of info but I feel like I learned a lot already!

I also wanted to show you how the veggie babies are doing. I love watching them grow everyday:)

Can't wait to plant these babies in the garden! I hope my green thumb stays!

I finally made it to Breaking Dawn in the Twilight Saga. I read New Moon like mad fire and was so excited to get Breaking Dawn from the library but someone had already taken it! As I didn't want to go buy it or wait for the person to return it, I decided to get it on audio somewhere. It's definitely a different experience. I'm not sure if I will do it again as I find I try to do other things when the voices are talking. When I have to read the words for myself, I need to concentrate hard so I can get the "feel" of the book and its characters. It's fun at the same time though as I am flying through the chapters:) Do you ever get books on tape? I'm thinking they would be great if I had a long bus or car trip to go on.

Have a great day!

PS Averie is having a beautiful giveaway of a custom necklace. So head on over to her site and enter! This giveaway ends tomorrow!


bitt said...

love your greens for green week!

most of those words look familiar aside from subhepatic. i love learning about new words and did a whole book on it when i thought i might take the GREs.

enjoy the twilight books! i do like to read on tape but it is a slower process so i don't do it all the time. for car rides it's a must.

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

got all your entries, and thank you!

as for those balls, gonna go check that link out, thanks for that

love the cilantro dressing. in the summer i make alot of it when cilantro is abundant

the pic of you drinking is just so beautiful!


shannonmarie said...

That smoothie sounds yummy. I love that beautiful green color. It matches your background.

Nelly said...

i lovvvvvvvvvvvvved breaking dawn...i loved all the books except for new moon...i didn't like it as much...

i love your green babies...can't wait to have green babies of my own...i wanna watch 'em grow...

that chocolate superfood ball loooooooooks amazing!!!

and i too really love the pic of you drinking the green's so pretty and innocent looking...


have a beautiful day lovely girl!


Melissa said...

Hey Bitt - So cool you knew all those words...subhepatic means "below" the liver:)Road trips are going to be that much better! I wish I used books on tape when I was travelling by bus 3 hours each way , every other weekend to visit the hubby (then bf)!

Hey Averie - You will love the superhero balls...yum! Although you've got the ball recipe going down on your blog:) Thank you for your sweet words about my smoothie pict! I love it too. I'm thinking a new profile pict is in order:)

Hey Shannonmarie - That smoothie was delish. It's fun trying out new up that cherry bomb smoothie that has such rave reviews!

Hey Nelly - I know Breaking Dawn is just so action packed. I felt like I only really got sucked in halfway through the second book. I thought New Moon was pretty good. Lot's of tension!
oohh green babies..let me know when you get your garden growing. It's an exciting time:)
Thank you for your nice words about my smoothie pict:) Not bad for one It's funny how I can focus so hard on taking a good shot and then when I'm just casual about it, they turn out amazing. I think I need to change my strategy!

Lori said...

First of all, I LOVE the Twilight series! LOVE.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I planted all our little seedlings in cells like you have... they did amazing! And then, about 2 weeks ago, they all started dying! It's really sad. We have no idea why they're dying. They are about ready to transplant but what the heck happened? Any ideas? We watered them- but not too much, kept them under a grow light, put them in the sun as much as possible, and now... all dying.

And lastly, MMMMMMMMMmmmm to the Vega shake! Looks very tasty!

Lauren said...

Such a beautiful picture of you with the green smoothie! Its the picture perfect ad for "earth week". Just sayin.

Someone gave me one of the Gossip Girl books on tape to listen to while I was running...I had the same issue. Totally couldn't concentrate on it, and then I got lost in the story. Its pretty easy to catch on with that one though...its pretty much all the same scandalousness.

So happy your plant babies are coming along!

Melissa said...

Hey Lori - I emailed you on the seedlings..hope they work out in the end! Love my Vega shakes...mmm

Lauren - Thank you for your sweet words about my smoothie are too kind:) I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about a million things when the book is playing on tape...and ooh the gossip girl..juicy stuff!