Friday, September 17, 2010

Where I feel I belong and my long to-do list!

Happy Friday!

I'm excited for the weekend! Nothing too crazy exciting is happening. In fact I've got a huge list of things I need to get done and I'm actually looking forward to most of them. More on that in a bit:) I just wanted to give you a re-cap of my day yesterday. I took the day off as it was d-day for exporting the truck. We drove down to Bellingham (again!) and found the truck safe and sound in the Walmart parking lot right next to all the RV's. We then drove back to the border but Ryan had to stay behind to make sure the truck was legit (mechanically speaking) and that he wasn't hiding cocaine in the seats LOL! Luckily he had no problems and the truck is now at its new home. I made it through too, even though the border patrol guy asked me a ton of questions. Geesh! The truck needs to have an inspection done here but then it's all good to go. I keep forgetting to take a picture of it but it looks exactly like the one below except it is all red...and the top (white part in the photo) comes off:)

Now the garage is filled with his two "loves" HAHA!

For the second part of my day I headed into New Westminster for a little visit at the naturopathic school I'm hoping to attend next year - Boucher. I met with the director of admissions and alumni relations first. I had a few questions I needed to get clarified. Then I was paired up with a wonderful student in first year. I actually got to sit in her Biomed class with her! It was great too because I could follow along to a certain extent! I only graduated 3 years ago yet I feel like all that knowledge has evaporated. I'm sure its buried deep in my brain somewhere..I just need to torture it with some more organic chemistry before it will let it out:) The student was a great help to me and allowed some of my fears to be put into perspective. Plus she is a rock star - a student + a mom! And she says its doable! I met some other girls in the class and all were super friendly and welcoming too.

I feel I've found my place.

Sitting in the class listening about extracellular matrices, wound healing, zinc, scarring, collagen, and so much more, I felt HAPPY! I wanted to be in the class now, as a student. It felt so right being there and it just re-ignited my drive to really hunker down and get my application in, complete organic chemistry (again!), and continue my relationship with my ND.

Have you ever had such an epiphany?

As for this weekend, I've got a huge to-do list. Here are some of the tasks:

1. Brew sugar/tea for kombucha

2. clean the

3. Start and finish first homework assignment for organic chemistry

4. Make tomato sauce - freeze it

5. Make "sun-dried" tomatoes in the dehydrator

6. Dehydrate mint, lemon balm, some basil, thyme, cilantro

7. pick up car parts for the new "love"

8. dehydrate pears and plums

9. Freeze left-over tomatoes-plain

10. work on application process - autobiography, references (have to think about who to use for the last one), budget worksheet etc etc

11. Other things I haven't thought of yet!

It's fall, baby! I can feel it, even though I think we were jipped of a summer here. I'm already craving soups and squash. Fall also gives me time to catch up on the many things that were put to the wayside for sun, shorts, and sand! Mainly those things that involved being indoors for long periods of time. I love fall even though it brings so much rain for us coastal folks. I think I love it so much because I grew up in a vacation town where September couldn't come soon enough. Tourists dominated every part of my city and I couldn't really move in July and August, let alone find a good spot on the beach! Even though I don't live there anymore September still brings me a sort of peace.

Do you welcome Fall or does it bring you down that the hot summer sun has moved on?

PS - I saw a comment on a blog the other day that bothered me a little. Basically the commenter said that a lot of people who are food bloggers don't know how to write well. I thought that wasn't necessary to say-especially in the comments section. I fully admit that I am not a pro in grammar. I started writing this blog partly to better my writing skills. I don't know, I just thought that is was uncalled for especially since we aren't writing for our English profs here. What are your thoughts?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Laury@TheFitnessDish said...

Look at THAT truck!!!! WOWZAH!!!!

That's a pretty long to-do list! I hope you can get it all done....have a great weekend :-)

bitt said...

I think maybe the comment comes from the fact that on the internet people tend to get lazy about correct English. I know I do! If it is a blog post I try to clean it up the best I can. My husband and my mom are teachers at the college level and have noticed many people struggle with writing. It's just not taught well I think.

If blogs are too wordy or not broken up enough into paragraphs, I find it hard to read. But I just don't read them then. No biggie.

I love hearing about your nesting for fall and storing up things. I too feel cheated of a good summer at least the past few weeks in the Northwest. And September is supposed to be a nice month here. Hmph.

Katie said...

Your to-do list looks like fun to me! I am so jealous that you have a dehydrator. I SO want one. And I am also jealous that you have all that sawesomeness to dehydrate. I can't get these stupid tomatoes to ripen...grrr.

I kind of welcome fall, but only because of the fall food, which I love. I hate the cold. And I especially hate winter...

griffen said...

yeah i dont think it's necessary to comment things like that. for me, if i dont have anything nice to say i just dont say it at all ;)

Nikki said...

I love epiphanies and finding a place that feels good & right. Congratulations :)

I'm soooo happy that Fall is around the corner. I'm ready to hunker down and nest for a while. October is such a beautiful month in the NW.

Nelly said...

girlie...don't even worry about it...i've read on other blogs that certain people don't think blogs are written well and that there are a lot of bad blogs out there...i don't think anyone has the write to judge anyone...i've actually called someone on it in the past because it truly bothered me.

i love your blog and i will always's written well and i love it...i've noticed spelling and grammar errors on many blogs...even those who think they are god's gift to the blog world...

love you girl!


Nelly said...

haha...has the write DUH!!! see there we go...the right, not the write!!!

HiHoRosie said...

People are so weird and focus on some of the most mundane things that don't have much relevance or place at the time. I mean really. It'd be one thing if the blog author is a scholar and isn't practicing what they preach but it's a food blog for pete's sake! Oh well. I have strong opinions when it comes to one's own blog and what they choose to write about and HOW they write it. If you don't like it move on is what I have to say about all that. :)

Anyway, if I had known you were in Bellingham I should've met you! ha ha! Not sure how Caleb would do in such a long ride though. Someday we'll have to meet.

So happy things are falling into place for you. That you've found your "home." Good for you for following your heart, your passion.

I am sad about summer going. It was far too short! But I do love fall so while I'm sad the heat is gone I do love the fall colors and smells. Not digging all the heavy rain lately but guess I better just get used it eh? ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I have found the opposite of that person's comment - most food bloggers are quite Type A (haha, I am, so I feel I can call it when I see it)and make sure their writing is spell checked and written quite well!

Sometimes too, as on my blog, I leave my "i" uncapitalized and use bad grammar and run-on sentences, but that's more of a creative decision - I call it my "blog persona"(I proofread medical reports for a living and am also a tech writer so I feel I know what I'm doing).

And I can't believe I missed so many of your posts - man if it's not right in front of my face I'm so forgetful and distractable!


Melissa said...

Hey Laury - the truck is a beast LOL! I did pretty well on the to-do list although I didn't do anythihg else but!

Hey Aimee - I totally agree about english not being taught well below the college level! I guess I didn't like how she gave a great comment to the blog author and then had to put a negative spin on it.

Hey Katie - I had to go 3 hours away from me for tomatoes! Mine are just showing signs of ripening! I'm not sure if they even will get fully ripe as fall is rolling in with a vengeance! I hate being cold too!!

Hey Griffen - Amen!!

Hey Nelly - Thank you for your sweet words about my blog! Unless its horrible beyond measure, why put someone down like that? are too funny!! love ya!!

Hey Heidi - I love how you responded to the whole "blogs are written poorly" thing..beautifully said! I would have LOVED to meet up with you. I only was down there for an hour so it would have been too rushed. I really want to come more to Seattle way soon!
I'm tired of the rain already HAHA! It's time to get a killer pair of gum boots:)

Hey Torri - HAHA..too funny!! See, you just proved the commenter wrong right there. Very cool that you proofread medical reports! I just wanted to thank you for even reading..that's enough for me:)

Kris said...

Dollface, I am SOOO happy for you! I love that you have found your place and you are loving your life right now. There is nothing better than that feeling when you are on the right path and your life matches the flow of the universe ever so well.

I love this!

I am not going to lie....I am sad the hot summer is over :(