Monday, August 23, 2010

Almost wordless weekend!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Is it just me, or has August flown by with lightening speed? Say it ain' t so!! I want to be 8 years old again playing in the sprinkle for the 31 days of August!! But now I'm playing in another fun place...the kitchen:) I have many cool things to share with you that I have been busy working at but today I'm going to share with you my weekend. I went to another wedding but this one was extra special! When I was 8 years old my mom thought I needed to stop taking on adult worries and experience some new things. So, she placed me in the Big Brothers Big Sister's program and I was fitted with my "big sister" Annette! We had a wonderful time together. She lives on a ranch so we would go horse back riding or just hang out. I loved it there! I also got to experience a lot of things that otherwise my mom wouldn't have been able to take me too including a trip to Disneyland and a trip to London, England (my graduation gift!). I was also immediately welcomed by her family and and created many friends. And now, 18 years later she has found new love and Ryan and I were very honored to be a guest at her and Max's wedding. She went through a very terrible time with her ex-husband for many years and I saw it wear on her incredibly. I'm so happy that she has found this new love who is quite incredible, by the way! We joined them at this stunning hotel that was built in 1908 called Quilchena, just outside of Merritt, BC. Ryan and I haven't ventured to much in that area so it fun to check out something new. We had such a wonderful time reminiscing with old and new friends alike. There were people there from Singapore, Panama, Columbia, Taiwan, and everywhere in between. Very fun group! So, without further's the "almost wordless" weekend! NOTE-there is no food in the upcoming picts..just so know..this is one of those LIFE posts:) Hope you enjoy!

There was a movie being filmed in the area and the main actress (left) needed a double because she couldn't ride very well. So, the owner of the hotel's daughter stepped in! Love this picture!

We found the beer fridge!! LOL

Isn't the hotel just so awesome!

Beautiful Nicola Valley

Our favours were dream-catchers! How awesome is that!

The old-school cash register behind the bar!

The golf course next door - Ry was itching to play!

Flower power!

So there you have it weekend with pure history! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to enjoy the last bit of summer:)

Coming up this week I'm going to share with you all my kitchen nightmares...I mean dreams:)


evergreen said...

What a wonderful post! Some of the pictures look like a step back in time. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, and sharing such a sweet story about your big sister. Congratulations to Annette and Max!

kelli said...

what a beautiful post! i've been a "big" for over a year now. she's 15 and we're going on a trip tomorrow. i love my little.=)

loved all the photos, esp of you and ry. you kind of look alike...i think it's the eyes!


kelli said...

oh, and looove the dream catcher favors!

bitt said...

That is so amazing that your big sister found love again. And that you keep in touch still.

Love the pics, especially the vintage stuff.

HiHoRosie said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS! It got me teary-eyed actually. Such a beautiful beginning and story, I'm so glad your "big sister" found love again. Where you stayed is awesome and I heart the pic of you and Ryan so much!!! LOVE IT!

Maggie said...

Beautiful story and beautiful pictures :) I love places like that with so much history. They always have such a neat feel to them :)

Laury @The FitnessDish said...

I LOVE the photo story!!! The hotel looks SO cool, and the dream catcher favors seem just perfect for the theme of the hotel and the weekend...AMAZING!!

Nelly said...

ok ok had me crying...

what a beautiful story...thanks so much for sharing it...i too am happy that annette and max finally found one another...and now they get to spend the rest of their lives making all of their dreams and wishes come true...

love the photos...what a beautiful weeknd! love you and perfect together...and i agree with two look alike...there's this old italian wives' tale...apparently we end up marrying someone that we resemble in looks...haha! yup!

love ya babe...can't wait to see your kitchie creations...


Melissa said...

Hey Angela - thank you for the congratulations! I'm so happy for them:) Isn't the history fantastic? that place:)

Hey Kelli - You are awesome hun!! Being a big is so amazing..I need to get involved too! I'm so proud of you have no idea how big of an impact you are having on your little:) glad you like the dream catchers as much as me:)

Hey bitt - The vintage stuff rocked! Every turn there was something neat to see!

Hey Heidi - You are too sweet lady! I feel after this weekend that we even got closer even though I didn't get to see her much:) HAHA that photo of Ryan and I..too funny! It takes so many photos for us to get a good one!

Hey Maggie - it was a totally different feel and I really loved it! New hotels and places are! It was a lovely change of scenery:)

Hey Laury - Yay!! Glad you liked it. I agree, the dream catchers were perfect!

Hey Nelly - Oh doll!! I make you cry a lot LOL! I hope in a good way:) I'm so glad I did share the story now..thank you for your sweet comment!
We are starting to look alike...uh oh!! HAHA. Thank you for your kindness hun:) Lots of love to ya and I hope my creations can be up to par with all you raw food divas